Your Place of Belonging

We are delighted that your path has crossed here with ours.  We believe that at any stage in your life you can wear the hat of an author, a learner, a leader or a reader.    Each hat contains a colourful yet unique story, which becomes your gift to the world.

We were inspired by a story about the 'power of giving' from a wonderful book called The Go Giver written by Bob Burg and John David Mann, and we made a commitment to incorporate the five laws of this book into our lives and business.

Our vision at Authors, Learners, Leaders & Readers is to empower authors and leaders in the publishing, creative and film industries with opportunities to connect and collaborate in ways that honours their stories and talents.   We want to work together with you building a community that will be 'your place of belonging', it's a place where your stories connect. By providing FREE promotion of you in a 'where to go' directory with feature rich profiles as well as creating networking event opportunities. That's why we would love to profile your talents, share your story, and by letting us know your needs we will try and serve you by:

  • Opening up channels of communication
  • Connecting tribes to facilitate your mission
  • Facilitating you further on your journey

So we say WELCOME!   May you find here what you seek and discover that it is also seeking you?    

SO ARE YOU READY .... to take the NEXT STEP?

If your answer is:

Yes I am ready for the next step

Then take the step because we believe in you - the step doesn't need to be perfect you just need to make it.         

Maybe...I am on my way

Take a breath and get your bearings; you might need to refuel, resource, recharge and review.    

Not yet

That's okay, hold your faith.