About Leaders

Who is a Leader?

"Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand."   Colin Powell


The Oxford Dictionary defines a leader as a person who leads or commands a group, organisation or country;  or an institution, an association, agency or company that is the most advanced or successful in a particular area or field.

At Authors, Learners, Leaders & Readers, we believe that leaders are not born but often made through overcoming challenges and hard work to show the way.  

If you're a leader, you may have spent years training and perfecting your skills;  you may also have invested money in setting up shop to serve.  

As a leader, we know that it’s crucial for your survival for you to spread awareness of your business to targeted audiences who will use your services.

We have identified the following five leadership categories:

The Visionaries

These are leaders who have great messages they would like to share, words that the world needs to hear.

The Bloggers

These are leaders who are becoming more and more popular, their topics are as diverse and exciting as the people who give voice to their thoughts via this avenue.

The Creative

These are leaders who are unique and talented.  These leaders have skills to help authors tell or promote their stories.

The League and Fellowships

These are leaders who may be organisations or groups that work tirelessly to give authors the tools they need and a myriad of information.

The Venues

These are leaders who can provide that particular place, that unique space that has a 'WOW' factor that can compliment an authors' book launch or other special events.

Why we want to, help


When we first met book cover designer Paige, she had spent most of her life working for agencies and publishing houses but had just been made redundant. So Paige thought rather than being retrained in something new, she decided to take the risk and set herself up at home as a book cover designer, using the new cloud-based Adobe Creative Suite.

When a very nervous author Joan, contacted her, Paige understood Joan’s hesitation. Even though Joan’s book was fantastic, the feedback from her reviewers unanimously agreed the current cover was too amateurish and it lowered the creditability of her message. Joan didn’t want to offend her dear friend who had created her original cover.  Finally, however, she bowed to the pressure of her reviewers and agreed to re-consult with Paige. When Paige came back with her ideas, Joan realised that one of the concepts Paige had presented, captured the very heart of her book but also retained elements of her friend’s design. The other bonus about Paige’s design was its ability to spawn other covers for the rest of this series.

Authors,Learners, Leaders & Readers believe that because people like Paige have such amazing talent that helps authors tell their stories, then we want to honour and promote their work and connect authors with individuals who NEED their services. So if you are one of these talented people with all your years of training and the constant perfecting of your skills, we think and feel, you should stand proudly among the tribe of 'Leaders'.

Nothing ever stays the same and the market is continually changing. Once upon a time there were many gifted individuals, all working full-time for major publishing houses or agencies, but due to downsizing a lot of these people are now doing freelance work. As the old saying goes, "when one door shuts another door opens", or, "if an opportunity is lost then another opportunity will soon become available", it's your choice.   Are you ready to reach out?   At Authors, Learners, Leaders & Readers we believe rather than just waiting for the crumbs that might fall from the table of life, it’s your time now to shine in your own light; there has never been a perfect time to promote your services in a consolidated area where people can easily find you.

For too long this industry has been fragmented, not only has it been arduous for pre-published authors to locate illustrators, book cover designers, and editors that understand and match their style of writing, but it has also been quite taxing for published authors to locate reviewers, venues, and people to help them promote their books.    The vision of our website is a global, online marketplace where leaders and authors are free to connect and to support this intrinsic element of our philosophy, we do not take commissions.

We have built this site with love and in the spirit of 'The GoGiver'.  We want to encourage people to connect with our gifted leaders and to use their services and honour their agreements with them. The spirit of 'The GoGiver' also applies to leaders to be fair and honest in your dealings because your reputation stands upon it.


You need Connections

We want to promote you so others can use your services. You can create an easy to use, personal FREE profile, designed for you to self-upload, videos, tutorials, show sample images of your work, initiate commentary discussions or integrate and share your details with social media.

You need Showcasing

We are looking at various ways to promote leaders such as being part of an Authors, Learners, Leaders & Readers Showcase where you will share the stage with other leaders and authors, or participate in a series of workshops where you are part of a team or teaching the skills you have to offer.

If you or your organisation is holding an event, you can list your itinerary on your FREE profile and benefit from reaching the targeted audience interested in what you do.


If you are privileged to know anyone who has amazing skill and talent or an organisation that similarly offers an incredible service, please encourage them to create a FREE profile to promote themselves, that way they can connect with those wanting to use their services.   They will fall into one of the five leadership categories, the 'Visionary', the 'Blogger', the 'Creative', the 'Leagues & Fellowships' or the 'Venue'.


The Visionaries



The Oxford Dictionary defines a visionary as a person thinking about or planning a future with imagination or wisdom.   Visionary leaders have incredible messages they want to share, often messages that the world needs to know.


As a visionary, you are doing something extraordinary and we believe “your song needs to be heard”. 

On your FREE profile, please tell us why your vision is important and how your vision is impacting others because you never know who might read your profile, see what you're doing, and want to be part of it and tell us how others can get involved.


If you know anyone or an organisation that is doing something extraordinary let them know they can create a FREE profile to promote themselves and the work they are doing.


Are you ready as a Visionary to sing "your song"?

If your answer is YES, then create your 'Profile' and become an integral part of the free, autonomous, global marketplace for authors, learners, leaders and readers to showcase their stories.

The Bloggers


Dictionary.com defines a 'Blogger' as a person whose website contains their experiences, observations, opinions and often including images and links to other websites.

Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, "Bloggers are here, there, and everywhere".    Blogging is becoming more and more popular, so we wanted to create a leader's area to highlight their incredible work.  We love that their topics are as diverse and exciting as the people who give voice to them.


At Authors, Learners, Leaders & Readers we recognise that some of the issues you raise, not only make a difference to people’s lives, to our local communities, to our nations but also to the world.     Therefore, we wanted to provide a consolidated access to all these tribes of people who want to hear what you have to share. 

It's important in your FREE profile that you tell us:

  • What's the big question your blog is raising and why it is so important?
  • How your blog is impacting on others (because you never know who might read your profile, see what you're doing and want to be part of it).
  • How can others get involved?


We are keen to know if you've read an amazing blog whose message you can't get out of your mind or one that has been extremely helpful to you.  At Authors, Learners, Leaders & Readers we want to encourage them to create a FREE profile to expand their reach to different audiences.


As Bloggers, are you ready to make a difference in people's lives, in our local communities, our nation and the world?

If your answer is YES, then create your 'Profile' and become an integral part of the free, autonomous, global marketplace for authors, learners, leaders and readers to showcase their stories.


The Creative


The Oxford Dictionary defines a 'Creative' as a person whose job involves creative work or relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.

At Authors, Learners, Leaders & Readers, we see the creative leader as someone who has a unique talent or skill or provides a service that helps authors complete and promote their stories.  

The creative leader list below is only a sample of skills they may have:

Arts Law Adviser
Graphic Designer
Audio Visual Producer
Book Cover Designer
Production Editor
Book Editor
Layout Artist
Proof Reader
Literary Agent
Manuscript Assessor
Copy Editor
EBook Producer
Photo Libraries
Sound Recording Studio
Ghost Writer
Photo Researcher



Firstly we want to honour the skills you have gained and connect you to people who need your services.  

As part of 'The Go-Giver' philosophy, we want to encourage transparency in business dealings between you and anyone who uses your services.   The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word 'transparency' as a situation in which business and financial activities are done in an open way without secrets so that people can trust that they are fair and honest.

We have noted problems that have consistently arisen in the past between some authors and some creative leaders, for example:

  • Creative Leaders not receiving payment for their work
  • Authors not being clear about what they want and not understanding what they ordered
  • The project runs way over budget and schedule

We believe that honesty is really the best policy and if you neglect to include something, particularly if others deem it important, then it will impact on your credibility.    That’s why we want to dispel these grey areas around contractual agreements between you and those who use your services.    By providing FREE profiles to highlight not only your talents but also the terms you have, it promotes transparency and protects you and your reputation.   

We encourage you to include in your profile the following:

  • Show samples of your work
  • Describe how you can help the author
  • If someone was to hire you what does your quote cover?
  • What are the steps and stages involved when someone hires you?
  • What guarantee or assurance do you offer?
  • How will you communicate and deliver your work?
  • What is your turnaround time?


At Authors, Learners, Leaders & Readers we believe that there is one degree of separation between you and a creative leader.  Encourage them to create a FREE profile to promote their skills and talents because there are many people out there that want to use their services.


Are you ready as a creative leader to be connected to people who will need and use your services?

If your answer is YES, then create your 'Profile' and become an integral part of the free, autonomous, global marketplace for authors, learners, leaders and readers to showcase their stories.

The Leagues & Fellowships


The Oxford Dictionary defines a 'league' as a collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for mutual protection and cooperation.  It also defines a 'fellowship' as a friendly association; especially with people who share one’s interest; or a group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest or aim.
We recognise these important groups that work tirelessly to give a myriad of information and tools to all authors, learners, leaders and readers.  They can be:
  • Writers' Fellowships
  • Writers' Groups
  • Writers' Societies
  • Writers' Centres
  • Book Clubs
  • Libraries
  • Book Fairs
  • Author festivals or conferences


We would like to promote the work you do and encourage authors to think outside the box and to use your services for example:
  • Make contact with various book clubs and organise to review their books
  • Contact libraries and hold 'meet the author' events at their venue
  • Contact a writers' group that compliments your genre 
  • Contact a writers' centre to attend a course
When you create your FREE 'Profile', you can list your meetings and events.  To help connect those who want to know more about what you do we have provided some questions that would be helpful:

As a Book Club, Can You Tell Us:

  • How often your club meets?
  • Whether you are an existing club or a new club?
  • What genre’s do you specialise in?
  • Are you open to reviewing books for authors, if so what is your process?
  • How can people join your club?

As a Writers Group, Society, Centre or Fellowship Can You Tell Us:

  • What does your organisation do?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How can people get involved?

As a Library Can You Tell Us:

  • How does an author list an event with your library?
  • What help can you give a pre-published or a published author?
  • How large is your library?
  • What services does your library provide?
  • How can people and business get involved with your library?

As a Book Fair or Author Festival or Conference Can You Tell Us:

  • When and where is your fair, festival or conference?
  • How can an author get involved with your event?
  • What are the benefits of attending for an author?
  • What are the benefits of attending for a reader?
  • Do you require volunteers?


We are keen to know of any group or organisation that is a league or fellowship that wants to be part of a global community helping, encouraging and providing authors with a variety of tools.  If you know of events and places that encourage reading habits or where authors can meet, make connections and become informed, then encourage them to create a FREE profile so that people can get involved.


Are you ready, as a league or fellowship for people to become involved with your organisation/group to use the services you provide?

If your answer is YES, then create your 'Profile' and become an integral part of the free, autonomous, global marketplace for authors, learners, leaders and readers to showcase their stories.

The Venues


The Oxford Dictionary defines a 'venue' as a place where something happens, especially an organised event such as a concert, conference or sports competition.

The typical type of events authors need a venue for:

  • Book retreats
  • Book launches
  • Book signings
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Workshops

Event coordinators know that choosing the right venue to hold an event that compliments an author's message, yet stays within budget can be overwhelming.  Often that choice will either make or break the success of the event.      Venues could include any of the following:

  • Auditoriums
  • Conference rooms (with or without a view)
  • Cafés
  • Restaurants
  • Theatres
  • Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Bookstores
  • Local Halls


We want to encourage event organisers to look at the venues listed on this website because they may be exactly what they’re looking for.    If your organisation has that unique space then we encourage you to create a FREE profile and to help the event organisers who want to hire your venue, by including details on your profile like:

  • What is so special about your venue?
  • Have you held other author events?
  • What types of function rooms do you have?
  • What is the capacity of your function rooms?
  • What parking facilities are available?
  • Are you near public transport?
  • Do you provide catering services and menu options?
  • Are you able to offer accommodation for multi-day events?
  • What discount would you offer authors for their events?


We are keen to know if you've heard or know of a place, or believe your venue has that 'special' or 'unique' space or that has the 'WOW' factor ideal for holding any of the events listed above. Ask them to create a FREE profile to promote their venue facilities and services.


Are you ready as a venue to be connected with authors and leaders to use your preferred venue?

If your answer is YES, then create your 'Profile' and become an integral part of the free, autonomous, global marketplace for authors, learners, leaders and readers to showcase their stories.

What are the costs?


At Authors, Learners, Leaders & Readers we want to build a community with you. Therefore, we have worked out a way that keeps costs to a minimum.   The way we are covering costs is through our affiliate link sales so we will diligently monitor them to ensure the codes are correct.

FREE SERVICES – no hidden costs

There are no membership fees

Your profile will contain:

  • Your biography
  • Your contact details with a private details option
  • Profile photo or logo
  • Sample images of your work or venue
  • Your YouTube Videos
  • Your Facebook feed
  • Your Twitter feed
  • Your ability to interact with a comment section
  • Ability to share on social media
  • Ability to list your events

Connecting with Authors

If an author connects with you (the leader) in our 'Leader's Marketplace', we charge NO commission, NO fees and make NO payments of any kind in the 'Leader's Marketplace' area. All negotiations between you (the leader) and the author are strictly confidential and do not involve us in any way. Our 'Leader's Marketplace' is merely an online marketplace for leaders to promote their services to authors. We make no guarantees as regards "value or quality of workmanship" but authors are able to write comments on the leaders profile to indicate their opinion of the service they received.

Join the Marketplace - Create your FREE profile

Creating your profile has 2 stages

Stage 1

When you click on the link below, it is to create your Leader login.  Once submitted you will be sent an email to confirm your not a machine.

Yes I am ready to create my FREE profile to join the Leaders Marketplace

Stage 2

Once you receive your email, it will contain a link to log in,  This link will lead you to a page where you can reset your password.   Once you have saved your password, look at the black bar at the top of the screen and you will see Leader Profile, Submit Musing, My Account, Manage Content.

  • The Leader Profile = where you enter the details about your services and skills that you want to appear in the Leader Marketplace
  • Submit Musings = if you want to enter a musing/blog it will be posted in the Musings
  • My Account = this is your login details
  • Manage Content = another place you can add your musings

If you have any difficulties creating your profile, please let us know on belonging@allrconnected.com so we can help you