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The third book  'Retaliation' in my Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy  has received a Notable Indie Award  being listed in the 100 2018 Best Indie Books from Shelf Unbound International competition. 

Sentinels of Tzurac - Zarkwin's Revenge

I have just received my first international award- Gold Winner - for the screenplay being a Feature Script adapted from my second book in the Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy - Zarkwin's Revenge - from the International Independent Film Awards 2017

Sentinels of Tzurac - Terra Major Under Threat

I have just been informed that the adapted screenplay for my first book in the Sentinels of Tzurac Trilogy   has been given the Silver Winner Award from International Independent Film Awards in the 2016 Summer category. I am very grateful and also excited at the prospect of being recognized amongst the film industry and am looking forward with anticipation at the possibility of my trilogy being made into a film or three. I am currently arranging a screenplay to be written for my second book  "Zarkwin's Revenge" in the trilogy.

New Renaissance Film Festival - London 2016

Sentinels of Tzurac – Terra Major Under Threat