Not sure what SignOn Profile to choose?

Here is a brief description of the different profiles:

A Member Profile

is for the lovers of books who would like volunteer or attend author events.   

An Author Profile

is for published authors, self-published authors and pre-published authors. It is only through the author profile that you can add book profiles.   If you are an author and also has a skill or service you provide to other authors, let us know and we will give you access to add a leader's profile as well.

A Leader's Profile

is for those individuals or organisation that has skills, talent or provides a service they want to promote.   If you are a leader and have written a book, please let us know and we will give you access to add an Author profile as well. 

I cannot see my Facebook Feed
  1. Check your Facebook setting to see if you have a setting on that says to see what she/he shares with friends, send her/him a friend request”  This must be switch off.
  1. Check your Facebook setting.   Is there are any restrictions on country or age, then it’s locked down.  Eg 17+ age setting on.    Turn these restrictions off.
  1. Check that it’s a Facebook page not a Facebook profile.   If you’re an author and you've been using your Facebook profile for both private and promotion, it’s a good idea to separate the two by creating your own Author page, this will enable people to like your page.
  1. When entering the details into the Facebook Page name on your profile don’t copy the full URL eg:  instead only enter allrconnected.stories 
I cannot see my Twitter Feed

Check to see if the Twitter handle you have put into the Twitter Screen Name on your profile is entered without the @

How do I attach my book/s to my Author Profile

If the book is not already on the site

  1. First create your Author profile.
  2. Then at the top of your screen, in a black bar you will see Manage Content.
    1. Select add content
    2. Select books and a book profile will appear for you to fill out.
  3. On your book profile
    1. Enter the title of your book
    2. Enter the book series name if you have one.
    3. When you get to Author(s)
  1. Click on add existing node
  2. Then start entering your author name.  It should appear in a dropdown list.  Select your author name
  3. Click on add node.   This will link your books to your profile.
  4. Finishing filling out the rest of your book profile and make sure you SAVE.


The book is already on the site (this because you've collaborated with another Author and they've put it onto the site already)  

On your author profile in the section Authors Books
  1. Select add existing node
  2. Start entering the title of your book and the name should appear in the a dropdown list.   Select your book
  3. Click on add node and the existing book will be added to your profile
On the book proflie 
  1. In the Author(s) section of the book profile
  2. Select add existing node
  3. Start entering your author's name and the name should appear in the a dropdown list.   Select your name
  4. Click on add node and the existing book will be added to your profile